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Love the blankie, perfect fall colors. Glad you had a jaunt down to Coney Island, how depressing to think of it not always being there. Bastards!!


aw, you made it to the last days of coney island! how cool! i wish i could have gone but it looks like it'll just have to live on in my memory.


That shoot the freak thing is amazing!!!

Cute blanket too, i love the colors. very "mod'.


What I want to know is what's happening to the Mermaid Parade.

Oh, and, uh, on one of my first dates with Sven a seagull pooped on me. He tried to be all cool about it, and he pretty much was.


What a great blanket! I haven't even seen you knitting on it on fridays... Must've been very quick!
Mmm, funnel cake.


Ahhhh Coney Island, it will be missed - good for you getting out there for last days.

The blanket looks cool - great job.


what a fun, bright, lovable blankie. i'm sure the wee one will love it!

Amber Kelps

Hello everyone...looking forward to using this site!

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