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What a sweet little guy! I'm sure you do miss him. I hope he enjoys Long Island (but I bet he'll miss your other cats.)Don't even mention holiday knitting to me.
*shoves fingers in ears*


Aww, Noel looks like a major rascal! At least you'll get to visit him, right?


I am waiting for a knitpicks delivery so I can begin some christmas knitting too!

carrie m

perhaps the departure of Noel is making you hanker for Christmas knitting?
anywho, if you are up to the christmas knitting, go for it!


Awww, so sad when someone special moves on right? Just think how happy he'll be in LI.


Does this mean I'll finally get my variegated knitted panties for Christmas this year?!


September, that's not that early really! At least your a good girl, not like me. I still haven't fulfilled my IOU's from last Christmas. WhY IOU's? Well, I didn't start in September :)

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