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However you slice it, it still sucks scissors.


I can't believe it. This is so lame. Now you can't ride over to my house! Guess I'd better pick up my bike so I can ride over to yours. ;)
Ironically, I was about to email you and ask you what kind of lock I should purchase for my bike. *sigh*


I'm just catching up today - so sorry to hear about your bike, that really sucks bigtime!! Gotta hate Murphy's (or Sod's) Law.

carrie m

such bad luck!!!! (and is that the security guard who is a fan of marie's?)


gosh, i am really sorry to hear that! i keep my bike in my apartment, because when i left it outside for a few days (when i had just moved to the city and was naive) someone stole the little mirror i had afixed to the handlebars. i mean, who would take a little bike mirror? i hope you get a great new bike to replace the stolen one!


This is great info to know.

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