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Yes, Carrie is a fantastic blogger...thanks for the other links, I'll check them out.

P.S. YOU rawk, really hard!

carrie m

oh, thanks for all of the compliments! i'm blushing, f'real.


Aw! Thanks!!! And after i took the summer off!

I'll be posting an update after this weekend....there will be grilling, and knitting, and maybe a craft desk....


I keep current with Nicole's entertaining blog, and with yours, and concur with your assessment of it. Everyone should check it out. Not being as enamored of knitting as you are, I've regrettably not found as much to draw me into some of your other recommendations. My own blog is woefully neglected by me, though shared with a friend who keeps it more interesting by posting regularly.


you go girl!
i love your kitty stories


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