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looks great! i love it :)


LOVE IT! It looks great!

(See, not the same comment as Steph's. I'm totally original!)


It fits you perfectly! Good job :)


Love the tank. Hope that your lover has save travels to India and back.


It looks fantastic!! Hope the boy gets there and back safe and sound :)

Natalie Strong

Boo-ya is right!! I just finished one of these, too. Yours is really cute! Mine doesn't fit nearly as yours does... I'm a little jealous. ;)

carrie m

it's ADORABLE! an excellent fit, very fashionable and professionally done! (not sure professional is the word i'm looking for, but you get it.)
have fun on your own for a few days. that trip sounds NUTS.


LOVE the tux tank! It's gorgeous. I think I may have to add this to my Ravelry queue.


oookay. So, I should make this top? The finishing scares the begeezus out of me!


That's fantastic! It turned out so well! Mind if I link to it?


I love this top. And I was totally one of those people who didn't realize at first that you made it. I know, crazy, right? ;)
Best of luck to Big A--tell him to pop something to make him sleep thru the night once he gets there, it always helps me with the jet lag.


Lucy, that's vile, yet cute. Luckily the tank is just cute! Seriously, SO much better than the magazine shot.


Beautiful!! I love it!!!


Cute tank! I like it in cotton. :)

ivory suits

The tuxedo tank looks so great! Don't worry of what other people may say. What matters is that your comfortable of what you wear.

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