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good times! thanks for hosting the bbq. you did an awesome job!


Fantastic party!! It'll be hard to top it next year.
Spiders' Jeopardy was such an awesome idea :)

carrie m

great, great party. you blew us all away.
loving the pride baby blanket!

Jessica Cary

It was a super-fabulous party. Who can beat tiaras and Spider Jeopardy? You've set the bar very high, my dear. ;)


You rock! Lachlan rocks! Thanks for the fabulous BBQ.

So sorry to hear about the Brioch Bodice - that really bites!


You were a lovely hostess! Thanks for everything, and that game was awesome. Sorry about the stretchy top.


what a fun party! and who can blame your cutie pie neighbor for being so helpful when ya'll are so fancy with your tiaras!


My family is a big party game family as well, love it!

Check you out--brioche stitch (!!) so hard, such a beautiful result.


I am anti-Virginia knitting because it means less time for me. What about me?! I have needs you know.

I need pickled banana peppers and tostitos. And some ice cream.

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