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FANTASTIC hanging with you the other day! We must do it again soon.


as soon as I finish my bolero I'm casting on for the tuxedo shirt, yay! How did you find the pattern?


those are the two cutest nappers! love the way they have their paws entwined.


Oh man, they are ridiculously cute! Now, are you the kind of cat owner who can leave them alone, or did you put down the camera and go stick your face in them? (Yeah, guess which I am.) Glee's lookin' sex-ay...


So super cute are the kitties!! Congrats on finishing the first toe up socks, it's nice to change things around isn't it?


Those cats are *too* cute. I can't wait to see the finished Tuxedo... and your Glee progress reminds me that I've been neglecting my Glee...


Paper buying, hmmm. Isn't that what Dwight and Jim do on The Office? How entertaining would it be to have one of them on your staff?


Oh wow, I love your Glee! Can't wait to see it done. And what sleepy little sweeties! :)


Pete and Joey did a great job at "tidying-up" -- props to those two...

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