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Ah! I see one st that is unraveling! Can you fix it?!
This crochet lace is so beautiful :)


Can't crochet; can't help. But really, I also think that things like that should be used (gently).

I LOVE the pink-tea raglan. Now that's something that's going to get lots of use.


LOVE the Pink Tea Raglan. That flew off the needles and looks spectacular on you. Fits you great! You should ask our blogless friend Nancy about the crochet. It's great that you have a family heirloom like that.

carrie m

have a great weekend!
the sweater is perfect -- just a great garment to have in your wardrobe. i can see it with a skirt, jeans, etc.
and what a find with the table runner! (you know how i am about crochet items from grandmothers.) i would look up how to clean aging cotton on the internet so that you don't ruin it.


Pink tea raglan looks fantastic on you - and you know I love the shimmer.

Great to get a lovely heirloom like that runner, unfortunately, I will be of no use for knowing how to revive it.


I can't believe you already finished that sweater! It looks faboo, the fit is terrific.
Kitty's expression matches the fabric...
The one thing I remember about cleaning vintage textiles is that you want to soak, soak, soak them before you do anything else. Forgot what the "else" is, though.


Katy is right - you wanna SOAK! My grandmother is the queen of crochet doilies and that's what she does - with something gentle, like Woolite. If you're going to eventually frame it, you should also consider starching it...


your pink tea raglan looks AWESOME! great job. wish i could help on the runner restoration. it's beautiful!


Sweater looks great - fit is perfect! Someday, love will find us.


Lana Turner's got nothin' on you, sweater girl! Nice job...


Ohh I love the raglan it looks so nice on you. The runner is so pretty - I agree with the others SOAK it and just be very gentle.


the raglan looks so lovely on you. nice job, V!

i love the look on your cat.

"This fabric's mine, ALL MINE! Don't you touch it!"


you look prrrety and skinny, lovely darling, lovely!


you look prrrety and skinny, lovely darling, lovely!


Lovin' that raglan. I think I need to make this - I would wear that thing all of the time. It looks great on you :)


did you notice that dizzle is making a slightly evil face in this picture? she is hell on wheels. cute little devil tho.

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