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I'm mystified by this surgery! But it seems that your patient has significant clinical improvement :)
Love the pics of Morocco, and I'm sure your apartment now smells of lemon and olive tajine... Mmmmm.


Look at you with your short rows!! Nice Jays. The surgical procedure looks as though it was a great success, although modelled shots would be able to tell us better.

There's some great pictures of your trip - good times.


great photos! wow, i have no idea what you did with glee but it looks difficult :)


Holy cow - I'm amazed by the repairs you made on Glee. I would have never been able to figure out how to fix that. The socks look great and the Morocco pics are gorgeous.


welcome home!! the Moroccan adventure sounds wonderful


Oooh! Pink Tea Raglan is lookin' mighty fine.

carrie m

i can't wait to look through all of the morocco pics. too bad about the food!

no one will ever be able to tell what you did with glee -- it will be our little secret.


I want to hear more about your trip! It sounds like quite an adventure.

As for glee, more power to you. I'd have taken one look and tossed it. You're amazing.


Nice to meet you last month, looking at those Morocco pics brought back memories for sure.

I am just finishing up some Jaywalkers and I finally see why people are so gaga for them...for me I had to go up a needle size, just to preserve my sanity!


it was good to see you on friday too! and if only i knew about this trip, i would have harrassed you for more information- it looks amazing.


Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

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