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David looks totally chuffed with that scarf, he will make good of it tomorrow methinks.

P.S. Mr B. is totally in love with Darla!


hi! slightly off topic but i saw you had a las vegas photo album (I'm a sucker for Las Vegas vacation pictures) and noticed that your friend and I got married in the same in vegas, at little flowers and in the same magnolia chapel! Small world. anyhow i'm Nishanna, avid knitted and i'm not sure how you ended up on my google reader. Howdy!


that scarf is awesome but not nearly as awesome as daria is. sorry. . . :P


darla, i mean.

this is what happens when you try to comment without your glasses on.


darla is a cutie!!! stockinette hole indeed. damn, that might just put me over the edge!

carrie m

how nice of you to knit him a scarf! it is getting freaking chilly. and your cat! what a weirdo. ;)


What a sly link to me! Are you sure you have enough yarn to knit for 9 months?... Think it over, and then come pick out something from my stash. I have 2 balls of Silk Garden up for grabs...

And, sheesh, that's an enormous amount of stockinette!


I'm impressed! I can't quite bring myself to commit to no yarn for 9 months, my stash isn't big enough. Or maybe I'm in total denial. Perhaps if I adopted your 35% off rule I could do it?


Wow, I will have to keep on the lookout for good sales for you. I'm afraid my enabling skills will get rusty with all you girls knitting from your stashes!
Cute, cute cat photo.


Darla is awesome. She looks like she is half asleep and sniffing the camera. Aw!


Does darning your socks count as a form of knitting?

Actually, what does darning mean?

Like "damning" someone, only slightly nicer?

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