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Jessica Cary

Wow, you are one nice girl to be knitting for your BF's friends! Very lovely first colorwork! :)


Diego is super-cute, esp in that handknit pullover. I'm still impressed that you knit the hat for your BF's friend, and what a big one to knit too!


Dieeeeego!!! You are so cute, Diego Longest Name Ever! That wee sweater is tres becoming on you. Nice gifties, lady.

ps - I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored.


aawww! what a cutie baby! especially in his new sweater :) great job aunt ginny!


Aw, baby-knit-pic! What a great way to begin my morning. He's a cutie and that sweater is da bomb. Nice work on the gargantuan hat, too. It looks awesome.


awesome jacket & awesome hat! enjoy the exhibit... let us know what sorts of weirdo "you-knit-what??" sorts of things you see!


what a cutie-pie!

carrie m

oh i totally want to see that exhibit!
and what a lucky baby -- i had to wait, like, 29 years to wear a brooks farm garment.


Adorable baby in an adorable sweater!


Awww what a cutie patootie - love the sweater and I agree about last minute knitted gifts it's a very useful book. nice job on the colorwork!


awe, he's so cute in his little sweater! and good job on branching out in the technique department. ;)

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