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Glad you love the blocking board, and got to use it. That is one kick arse pose with the split mitts - I guess it's time for you to take up smoking eh ;)

I'm still sad about that bag - wasn't it Christmas though?


thanks for the shoutout!


awwww, we heart you too 'tina! and those blocking boards kick ass. i love mine so i'm sure you'll love yours :)

that bag collection is sweet! your man is quite a good gift giver.


Those smittens are fab-tina :) And A did a great job on the knitting bags! Very handy!


Aw, the sweet kitties! Can't stop looking at the kitties. Oh, look, split finger gloves ~ cute too! I'm jealous of that blocking board. Very nice.


Smittens! Perfect for executing a bemittened metrocard swipe.


wow a great knitting bag set and no hints! now that's awesome!


wow...lucky u! :)

those mittens are great...love the yarn you used


Smitten with those smittens...

carrie m

you are one lucky lucky lady! i'm so glad you like the blocking board. and i think it's smart to use up every last inch of brooks farm. it's the crack of yarn!


Whoa, holy cow, I didn't realize he got you the whole set--you lucky girl! I love Knitpicks.
Your cats are hilarious. ;)


I just broke out my own Glittens (made from the Red Lipstick pattern) this morning! Aren't they addictive? I made four pairs one Christmas. And then was thoroughly sick of them...

The blocking board is awesome. I love mine.


Your post made me smile. Being left handed, my mother (and everyone else) gave up teaching me how to tie my shoelaces; Hush Puppies were big at the time (the 60's), so she bought me slip-ons. I think I figured out how to tie my shoes when I was about 11.

I now own most left-handed supplies, including a tape measure. And I stitch-mark the fronts of my cardigans, so I don't knit two left or right sides. Occasionally, I still step into the wrong shoes. But that's okay. When life gets me down, I eat a coupla spoons full of pesto and I'm back on track!

Happy New Year to you! Great mittens! They don't need a right and left, do they?:)

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