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Oh, I used to suck my thumb until I was 10, but somehow, that didn't make my top 6 list of weird things about me. My left thumbnail now grows in funny...
Pesto?! Hee :)


:) you're such a weirdo!


I love finding out about the weirdnesses of others!!


next time I see you, I want to check out that finger. You should be a witch at Flair's next Halloween shindig - you have the crooked index finger in the bag!

carrie m

well you KNOW i'm with you on the left and right. that's crazy about your fingers, too. i swear i can remember my childhood friend's phone numbers but not my own home phone now. i never call it!


I'm loving reading the fascinatingly weird facts about people.


I used to suck my wrist, and I walked around with a big red welt that looked like a terrible hickey. My family was so embarrassed.


Oh, I stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating too. Alex thinks it's adorable, but I feel busted every time he comments on it. Sigh. We're chimps!

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