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wow, that photo of you and austin is a CLASSIC! he just looks so alarmed!

i have the same inner debate with express v. local and i have knitting in my bag.

great seeing you last night! hope you're not too cookied-out (i'm getting there).

carrie m

i can see taking the local, but going to the end of the line is slightly obsessed! (but funny). was so much fun hanging out yesterday!


I don't think I'd stay on the train just to knit some more, but express v. local is always a struggle, especially if you're comfy in a seat. Love the pic of Dizzle (and the one of you and A)! Happy Holidays!


Hey, in our hectic lives, knitting in the subway is a welcome break!


I do the same thing if I've got time and my knitting - I always take the local - less people and I always have a seat. The problem is I have been known to miss my stop because I'm so focused on my knitting.


I've definitely taken the subway to work rather than walking just so I can get a few more rows in! That photo of you and Austin is the cutest thing ever.


Oh, I feel you on the L train! Plus, sometimes if you get on it going in the wrong direction and wait for it to go the other way, you end up getting a seat, when otherwise you wouldn't. And that's a LOT more knitting time! ;)


there are times when i love delays on the subway for some more reading or knitting time! i totally understand ya there.

great pic of you and the boy :) hehe!


in that picture you look just like a young Tina Fey!


Ha, I have totally made those calculations. It's kind of nice, actually--knitting on the train has alleviated my impatience with delays. Then again, I get pretty cranky if I don't snag a seat or something to lean on. I have been known to knit without either, but it's probably a bad idea.
Can't wait to see how your Sienna comes out--pretty color.
We decided to forego a tree this year. Hank and Minny think we are mean, mean kitten parents.

Austin Lawther

Things that occupy my time on the local train:

Whatever the current book is that I am reading. "Why won't my Ipod play that song."; "Oh my god, did that guy just touch my ass?"; "Sorry, I am just as broke as you, buddy." and I want those shoes.

Maybe I should pick up some sticks & string and make a whole bunch of knots in succession to one another.

At least people would stare at me in utter amazement, thinking that they could actually be doing something productive in their "free-time".


aren't you glad you don't have to drive to work! lol!

i'm dreading the day when i can't take public transportation to work in the morning anymore - i get so much more done!

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