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Luurvely! Did you end up doing anything to pull in the back, or are you sneakily squooshing it back with your elbows? 'Cuz it looks quite shapely.


it looks great --- how did that blocking drama work itself out?


Great job!! Love the color and that you tightened the cables. I too like tight cables :)


Yes, it looks lovely! Did you have successful re-blocking? What happened? Whatever you did, I like it.


it turned out great! i love the color. good choice :)


Hey, it looks great! What kind of magic did you work to fix the blocking mishap?


It really looks great--I know you still feel like it's too big, but it doesn't LOOK that way at all! That yarn is so purty....


it turned out great! the color is perfect on you. love the cable panel.


So glad everything turned out ok in the end - it looks good!


I think it looks great! I really love the color too.


looks great...I love the color on you and the cables rock.


looks wonderful, great save!

carrie m

fabulous! it looks great over an oxford, both casual and work appropriate. we both finished our rhinebeck brooks farm projects this week!

sorry that i missed your mustache party -- i made plans with a friend and ended up having to go to a movie about prostitutes in india. it was ok, but not as cool as marie said your party was!!


I think it looks great!


Well, just look who's blog is on purling swine's sidebar...xoxo

Nicole (your favorite)

Holy crap! That's probably my favorite of all your knittings. And it doesn't even look like it's variegated yarn! That in itself is amazing. Do you think you can knit me some variegated panties?

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