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that picture is classic. love it!!

and who said you couldn't knit your rock star bro ANOTHER knitted vest. one can't have too many, i say.

carrie m

you are such an f**in' rock star!!!

i say good call on the vest. i was fearful that i didn't have enough brooks farm for my cardigan, and now i have almost a whole skein leftover, but i guess that's better than the alternative.


omg that last picture....too awesome.


great idea on salvaging the knit and making it work! i just love the color of that four play. it's dreamy.

that last picture :) too funny.


Hey, my brother is in a band too - it makes me feel supercool to be one of his groupies.

And I tend to have the same yarn shortage problem pretty much every time I knit something!


Oh, that Four Play looks delicious! You know I'm a sucker for cables...


that is a great picture! very cool that your bother gets to tour the world! that sweater is going to look great on you.


How many skeins of Four Play do you have? Don't they have crazy yardage? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Rock on!


Love the way you salvaged your knitting, ingenious.

What a cool rockstar you are :)


That photo is hilarious! And love the sweater-reborn-as-vest, the Brooks Farm is loverly.


Congrats on scoring the needles!
And yes, you are a rockstar.

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