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the clap is looking great! and i know damn well that i can't resist none of that cuteness.


Those cats are perfect. I bet you just want to stay home and hold them all day. At least that is what I'd want to do!


wow, that ball winder looks ancient! :) hahaha, i wonder where marie got it from. aren't you glad you never have to wind by hand again? center pull balls are the best. they don't roll all over the place.

your new kitties are so sweet! they'll be best buddies for life.


Oh. My. God. Those. Cats. Are. So. Cute. Stop with the cuteness!! I can't take it.


The kitties are so cute!

I can tell you how I ended up with two ball winders. My father didn't think my first ball winder was big enough, so he bought me a wooden one that will wind the biggest balls of yarn ever. So now I have two ball winders and only one knitter in the house.


Are your winder and swift on a school desk? Nice!


I want one of those adorable kittays!


Isn't knitting life just so much easier with those tools??

I am in love with your cats.

I don't have a clap yet either.


Yay for the new swift! And the kitties! If I touched them, I'd be covered in hives, but they're so cute I still want to rub my face all over 'em!


Adorable kitties - absolutely adorable!

When I got my swift and ball winder I think I spent an entire day winding up yarn (but then I am lame).


Yeah I have two balls winders (well I HAD two), two spinning wheels, two swifts, probably two of every size needle as well! I'm hopeless, this addiction has got me and will not let me go ...lol

The Clappy is looking great and that Lornas is delish.

OMG I am inviting myself over to your house to play with those kitties!

carrie m

i need a ball winder and swift -- winding yarn around my knees just ain't cuttin' it.


Oh, I love the kitty-happiness! Very sweet little guys. I can't wait to hear about their kitty antics. Your clapotis is gorgeous in those colors.

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