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Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip!! Love those murals. And isn't the view from Coit Tower unbelievable? Lombard St is a trip... Can't wait to see more pictres and what sort of "unique" hat you make out of that ArtFibers!


Oh man--your pictures are making me jealous!! I am glad you had a fun time, and next time I am in SF (hopefully this spring) I will have to hit up some of those yarn stores!

carrie m

what a great trip! i'm glad you went to such out-of-the-way, interesting spots. and i'm just getting caught up on your blog and want to say how GREAT about your "loml." you two are precious.


Wow, you trip looks like it was perfect! Isn't SF the coolest place? Glad you enjoyed it so thoroughly!


i love the pictures of the fortune cookie factory - so worth the $.50! glad you had fun. Imagiknits and Art Fibers are two of my top 5 favorite knitting stores of all time. You got some great sutff!


what a great time! i'm going to have to glean some san fran details from you for my trip next month. artfibers looks awesome. i can't wait to see what you've got in person.


Dude, I am so jealous! I love all the pictures and I'm drooling over the yarn. I need to get over to SF pronto.


Were I, for some horrid breach of knitting etiquette or such, suddenly banished from The City, I would find my way to San Francisco. It's a lovely city (and the proximity to wine country doesn't hurt a bit.) And, saying that, I still have yet to visit a yarn store there!

It looks like you guys had an awesome time. I love those pictures and can't wait to see what comes of the yarns. How did you find the fortune cookie factory?


I love the idea of a fiber tasting menu! looks like a great trip and now you've got me wanting to cross the country!


hey baby. can i touch yer swatches?

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