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eeewwww. you guys are gross and i am going to puke now. PUKE.


That shawl is gorgeous. Have fun in SF! It is my favorite city.


He's got some purty blue eyes, V! Have fun in San Fran! Make sure to swing through their Chinatown and go to the Fisherman's Wharf to see all the seals pile on one or two floatillas. We'll miss you this weekend!


Austin is a cutie pie! I'm glad you two are so happy! Have a wonderful time in San Fran... it's a great city and one I wouldn't mind living in. You will love ImagiKnit and esp ArtFibers. My husband is out there this week on business and had dinner at the Cliff House and said it was excellent. He also said it was 58 degrees there last night!


Definitely ArtFibers! And ImagiKnit is lovely, but carry yarns you can find in here. Have fun in SF!
(By the way, the Shetland triangle pattern is from Wrap Style, not IK).


Ooh, he's a cutie! Have fun in SF--I always like to stop by the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park for a little green tea and some crackers--such a cool spot!


good lord his eyes are the bluest of the blue.

anyhoo, that shawl is GORGEOUS. very nice job there, virginia.


you and your man are so cute!! good catch :)

love the shawl.

and have a great time in sunny CA!


Gosh, you two look adorable together - so happy for you. The shawl looks great.

Have a great time in CA.


Aw, YOU are awesome. Funny, how you can click with someone that fast. I'm definitely sad that you can't be there tomorrow, and moreso cause I'm leaving on Monday -- so unless you'll be back by then, and are in the mood for a trip uptown -- we said goodbye last time we saw each other without realizing it (boo).

Oh, and I remember thinking how sweet your boy was at Carrie's party, sitting there all patiently while all the girls talked their thing. This is a very good quality (that, and I too like me some nice blue eyes...)

Have fun in San Francisco!


I'm sending Purling Swine to your site, really just to get a load of that hunk of boyfriend! My, my!

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