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wow, the trellis scarf is coming along great! and nice haul from suss. so jealous i didn't made it down there in time.


Hmm, an angora shawl...


such great stuff! too bad i'm not a size 9, those flip flops are too cute (and i didn't even know that i liked flip flops all that much!) you and gleek might make a flipflopper out of me yet!


Holy cow - that's quite the haul!! Love the flip flops - now I'm wishing I'd hit up that Mella sample sale! My flip flops have all seen better days!


Beautiful trellis scarf--and your haul is one of the best I've seen, now I really regret not going.

carrie m

holy flip flops! and beauuutiful yarn. what tank pattern will you use for the ribbon yarn? and k7tog? eek!


oooh, awesome stash enhancements! And how yummy is an angora scarf going to be? An idea about the YOs in the middle of the diamonds: work the stitch above the YO through the back loop to twist it - it will make a neater looking hole because the stitch above won't be, um, spreading its legs like that. Handy tip I picked up from Kate Gilbert when I made my Baltic Sea Stole (I take full blame for the analogy, though - Kate wasn't crass!).

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