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VIRGINIA!!! Looks like you are having a blast. Nice pics. Keep the pictures and the updates coming.

And those Jaywalker socks are coming along great.


Virginia, I'm so thrilled that you're doing this! Even though you might be a bit homesick now, I promise you'll forget about us in no time. Have a fabulous trip!


Thanks for the photos - it looks great! I bet that homsickness will disappear once you get to know everyone in your group.


sure, you miss home now, but as soon as you get back you'll be all "i miss thailand!"

have you been to bangkok yet?


What is your nickname? America or US? I'm glad you are having a good time, 6 men,4 women that sounds like a good ratio. Are you really camping or just hiking? Do you get to the ocean at some point? Someone said Thailand is the pearl of Asia its so beautiful.

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