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Craptina lives! Oh my gosh! Good to see you blogging again. You're going to have such a fabulous time in Thailand. I wanna see some great pictures when you get back!


Actually, there are internet cafes at every street corner in Thailand, so you could always send pictures while still there... Just an idea...
You are going to have a blast! And yes, I agree that socks are the best project: you don't want to be knitting anything big.


I can't wait for all sorts of pictures from Thailand - it sounds like your trip is going to be fantastic!


"bunny in your bonnet".. well, if that ain't just the cutest phrase ever, i don't know what is?!

you'll have an awesome. give the elephants a pat for me and watch out for snakes :)

carrie m

wow, that sounds fantastic. please post from there or, at least, come back with some great photos.


So glad to hear you made it safe,I wished you told me Austin's phone number so I could call him to check in. Remember your sun screen and don't drink the water unless its safe the diarrhea you get lasts for weeks!! if there is a problem. So happy for you, I know you will have a great time. Love you, MOM

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