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hey look at you sexy mama - You go...your tuby looks great! Dude I think I might have to reconsider making this for myself ...the ample boobage would not do well without a bra!


WOW! that was so quick! it feels like yesterday that you were at the point buying the yarn. it looks awesome :) what a fabulous finished object.

hope you're coming to the point tomorrow. we've missed you!

carrie m

very sassy! i love the color combo and the one-sleeve stripes. i wore mine to work, too. that's really the final test, huh?

(do people tell you all the time that you look like tina fey? cause you kinda do in the top picture!)


Ditto on the Tina Fey comment! Tubey turned out great - congrats!


I love the asymetric stripes! Did you change the K3P1 ribbing to K2P2 ribbing? Hope to see Tubey (and you) tonight!


What a lovely FO ~ yea that it FITS and you LIKE it! I know what you mean about that being rare ~ same case for me. Great colors! It seems like forever since you were at the Point, so hope you make it tonight.


Great tubey!! Love to stripes and it looks like it fits you really well! I hope I have the same results with my Hourglass Sweater!!


The Tubey looks grrrreat, and I love your photos!


Yeah cool sweater!!!
Looks great!

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