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What a great mom - there's nothing better than home made meatballs.


awesome scarf! Is the pattern from somewhere? I'd love to make one...


Nice scarf! Thanks for the link over ~ I think Ben would like this one too. Very cool. And how sweet that Mom is so proud of your runner ~ and rightly so, I might add. It is lovely!


I agree, the table runner was just lovely. Don't be embarrassed!
And the scarf is cute too.


ohh meatballs I love em....why is it when you are trying to be good and are on a diet all pictures of food make me want to go out and stuff my face? The scarf looks very nice.



Thanks for the encouraging comment you left on my blog. I'm loving your blog. Food, and knitting! 2 of my favorrite things. The scarf is gorgeous, but the lace is breathtaking. Oh my. I swear I didn't know so many NY'rs knit. Can you imagine if we were all on a train together? Ha, I would pay to see that. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I wanna keep track of your knit works, and the food!


totally, thanks for asking! Hm....I should get a blogroll, does it require monogamous commitment?


you never told me your dad was so damn cute.

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