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That monopoly board is so funny! I'm sure the kids will love it. I am also completely enamored with the Brooks Farm yarn - I have 2 skeins of Harmony I got at Rheinbeck - one is going to my mom, and the other is still unallotted...i do love that shawl, so maybe I'll give it a try (AFTER the holidays!). Looking forward to meeting you and the other spiders SOON!



That Monopoly board is such a creative idea! Look slike you guys had a lot of fun.


Damn girl... you are on fire!!! Great looking shawls and I love the monopoly board!


Holy smoke, you're fast! You just started that thing, girl! Ginny's a darling nickname, by the way - very HP. :)


Hi Ginny - our mutual friend Claire sent me here ---- love your flower basket shawl. I bought some of that Duet at Rhinebeck this year (still not sure what I'll make with it). Have you tried blocking the pointy edges into your shawl?


Hi Ginny! Ann and I are on your site-love the psychedelic afghan-might make it for my daughter...Ann, who is a narcissist, is wondering if she's in the background of any of your Rhinebeck photos...

carrie m

the shawl looks great! that is a lovely yarn.

and the monopoly board is a total hoot. so creative!

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