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Well color me jealous!!! That's MY ANN! (We can share Flair.) Glad you had fun. Those girls are the best for getting out of jail.


What a great way to [not] go down. Man you are soooo busy with all those projects too. Cute hat.


I love the hat with horns - I have one I made for myself but I don't wear it too often because I get some funny looks.


well, you didn't go totally off the wagon! thanks the the getout of jail free card :) great purchases all around! can't wait to see what you do with them.


Oh, those little horns are so cute ~ entirely non-evil. We HAVE to see photos of this on the little guy.

carrie m

oh, i think gift certificate use is totally cool, right? and your glee will look superb.


Loved the day! Hey, doesn't that handmade, expensive glass shawl pin look fabulous on my broken rib scarf?
Well this will be the last time you see it on me because I dropped it and it shattered into a bazillion pieces...thanks for immortalizing it!


Oh, dang, maybe I need to set my current project aside and tackle $1.50...I wanna knitalong with you! Love the horns and the stripes, and hey, nice hair elastic. ;)


Hurray for horns - I've been thinking it would be fun to make my little cousins some felted viking helmets one of these days. With big horns, of course.

I'm envying you that you're working with Calmer right now - it's still one of my favorite tactile knitting experiences ever.

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