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I'm really not much of a podcast listener, since it's hard to hear the spoken word on my ipod on those noisy trains, and I'm a totaly telly addict at home. Having said that, I might have to give some of these a try. I liked reading your reviews.

carrie m

they've started offering "this american life" for free, so i listen to that. i occassionally listen to a knitting podcast, but sometimes it seems a bit much!


Ooh, thanks, Virginia! I like listening to Podcasts, but I don't have any lately that I'm into. Now I have to check out your list!


I haven't listened to podcasts in a long time... I thought it would be perfect to knit while listening to someone talk about knitting, but it's too distracting! My fave show is Cast On by Brenda Dane.
I liked your reviews!


I like to listen to some NPR podcasts - usually All Songs Considered and the movies and books ones. Otherwise, I haven't gotten into too many podcasts! But maybe I'll give a few on your list a try!


I also love Sticks and Strings, Cast On, the NPR programs, but my hands-down favorite is Quirky Nomads.


Dude. This American Life and Lenny Lopate are my faves. They're the only ones I listen to. Great seeing you Friday night.


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