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hahah, EWEWHO! how cute!

love the haul. you did a great job! i didn't even see that silk yarn at ellen's. damn.

the piccovoli looks great. i love who the yarn just did its thing!


love the purchases darling! and we will hang out at the Point - I promise!


Ooh, I know what you could make with the Four Play... That's the same yarn that Marie gave me for my design!
The Picovoli looks very cute, I love the crazy pooling.


Wow - you wound all that up FAST! Picovoli is looking great - and that's some wicked color action!


Oh wow, I bet that silk is amazing. Good thing I missed it, I bought plenty of other stuff, but I wouldn't have been able to resist! I can't wait to see it in scarf-action. And your Picovoli top is amazing, I love the greens! The cotton is certainly painful on the hands, but you have to love that stitch definition.


Craptina?! Why? What? Where?

Ann and I enjoyed meeting you too. In fact, we've done nothing but talk about you since we got home. There was even a conference with our friend Flair.

I'm sorry, but I will probably miss you Saturday night. Best be scary, though. You've been warned.


I love your sheep pic!! She's a cutie. Nice haul--lots of silky smooth stuff for your aching fingers. :)


I'm so glad you got a pic of the Ewe Who plate...I LOVE that. And how did you get that sheep to cooperate so nicely? Whenever I tried to take a pic they just ignored me!


I really do love the Tivoli in those colors. Good luck with the edging! nice to see you again last night.

carrie m

i forgot about EWEWHO! wherever she is, i salute her.

i had such a blast with you, and your yarn haul is damn impressive.


That sheep picture is fabulous!

I love your haul - and the ewe who plate is really great.


The sweater is lovely...


OMG that licenseplate is awesome. Sweater is gorgeous too.

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