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YEAH! you're machine knitting! how fun! those machines are loud, right? i remember hearing them at FIT when i was there.

poor clap. i think that you should consider ripping back a straight row repeat and go again if you can't find your lion and lamb colorway. it's not too difficult.

love the finished sweater! he looks happy with it!


Oh my God, sorry about the Lorna's Laces shortage, if you have trouble finding it locally, you could try some of the yahoo knitting groups, I've heard people have luck with them.

So glad your friend got the sweater in time, it's nice to think that he will have that sweater to keep him warm.

Finally, congrats on your first machine knitting class - hope the sweater surprises more than you expect (in a good way).


Oh no - good luck finding more yarn! You could probably even get away with a different colorway if you had to.

Or, if you were a really lazy person like me, you'd just bind that sucker off and call it a design feature.

Jessica C

Wow, that class looks cool! And that sucks about Clapotis--I agree with Steph, maybe you should take out a repeat. What a pain!


Sorry about your clapotis--but the sweater looks great!

Machine knitting...so jealous. I have always wanted to try one of those.


I agree with Steph-- do you really want to spend $30 for a few yards of Lion & Lamb? I think you should rip back a few rows and do-over.
Thanks for the pics of the machine knitting class. Now I get it!
And good job on the sweater! This guy must be really tall, because the sweater looked huge on you.

carrie m

the sweater looks great! and i can't believe you are machine knitting. so. awesome.

i dunno what to tell you about the clap. i say look for the yarn on ebay or maybe considering rippign back to the straight rows and making it tinier. very irritating.


re: clapotis. ugh!! i say find yourself a wee bit of similar yarn in a matching colorway and finish the corner.

or you could go on knitters' review where sometimes people exchange scraps, on the off chance someone has a bit of this stuff.

or maybe ask marie dye you up a little in a reasonably matching yarn?

re: hipster sweater. what a hipster! it looks fabulous!


Awww poor clappy...Hopefully someone will have the right yarn for you - I'll take a look to see if I have anything which might fit.

The sweater is great I Love those drop stitches.

I can't wait to see your oversized 80's boatneck sweater...hey at least it is done quickly! I'm sure you can figure out shaping later.


the sweater for your friend looks great! good job!

that's great you're taking the class at FIT. it's a neat class. who is your teacher? i hope your machine is behaving. i used to have the worst luck with those things. the students used to treat them so bad, sometimes it looked like elephants had trampled on the needles!

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