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That machine is so cool--I wonder if I can find a class here. Yeah that sweater is pretty 80s!

Hope the move goes well. I personally would love the chance to live with 4 cats, but I am a sick individual.


Oh, that S word!#%$!!
I love your shots of the knitting machine: now I really get it.

Hey, what happened to your Clapotis? What was the final verdict?


4 cats! I feel a tickle in my nose. Good luck with your move! And your seams are pretty darn cool, even if painful.


4 cats... well, i'm not sure if i'll be coming to visit! :) i nearly had an asthma attack at marie's! and i don't have asthma!

i loved hearing about your machine knitting class. it's so interesting to see the industrial side of knitting. your sweater looks like it'll be comfy.


RYN--it's the Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket from www.wiseneedle(.com, .org? something). It's a really long project so if you make it, beware!


Your machine knitting class looks like fun. I highly recommend the quilting class, btw, if you continue feeling crafty.
Good luck with the move! FYI: Cat food has some give to it ~ it's the cat LITTER that HURTS!


Hmmm, maybe you could felt the 80's sweater into a more flattering size? Or, heh heh, you could give it to Austin as an apartmentwarming gift. I'm sure he'd be thrilled!

carrie m

well i know not to suggest that you give the sweater to austin after the exchange on your blog! you guys are too cute. good luck with the move!
and the 80s are coming back, so i think you'll wear the sweater for sure.


It's interesting to see how the knitting machine works. Although I would feel like I would be 'cheating' using a machine, I have to admit that it would be so cool to get all that neat knitting AND seaming done so fast!!

Hope the big move went well and you are settling in nicely.


the machine looks so complicated! although the result is wonderful. Good luck with your move - hope you have nice weather

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