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Buy the extra insurance!! You can only buy it if your current one hasn't run out. I didn't do that and now I have a dead iPod. :(


aw. yes. apple kicks butt. just wait till i convince you to buy an ibook :)

carrie m

wow, that's awesome. much like your music selections. who among us doesn't need a little chaka khan?


You are one lucky girl. Now you have to find a super-cool iPod cozy for your new little guy.


I like apple. My 1st generation ipod is going strong (used practically every day). In fact it convinced me to buy an ibook about 1 1/2 years ago, never had the same luck with this computer though. It's like your ipod - very particular about which websites I'm allowed to see, or even what emails I can read. Great news about your new ipod though :)


You ipod died 4 times? Dude I've had my player for like umm 4 years and I've never had any problems..then again it isn't an ipod it's an iriver...I love my baby. But it's great that they have such good customer service.


i can't live without barracuda, either.

that's actually the song that inspired me to join the digital age. i was playing it on my old, slow record player, and it was just really not making it, so I learned how to get songs for the computer. Still don't have an ipod, though!

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