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Sounds like you're having a great time... Mmm, thai food...


yep, that's the route that we took to go to thailand as well, but our stop over was in japan.. for two hours. just long enough to stretch our legs and get an ookii biru! i'm so jealous that you flew thai airways! smooth as silk, huh?

have a great time! you're gonna totally love thailand. love it so much you'll want to extend your stay :)

carrie m

glad you had a nice flight and can't wait to see pictures!


YOOOOO, not sure if you will get this but....are you sitting down? ...ok
guess who is coming to NYC to perform. roisin!!!! hell fuckin yea my friend. on MAY the 6th! are you going to be back by then ? o golly i hope you can go. were hanging out with her afterwards too cause my friend brian is chauferring her around. love it.

have fun in Tthe big hot T!

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