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Hey America,
Can't wait to see the photos of the reclining Bhudda. Be safe on your journey, my thoughts are with you! Lucy misses you.


We most definitely can bring Mai Tais to the Point. (Funny we never thought of it).
I'm glad you're in a small group; I thought your group would be a bus-full of people! Phew!


Woo hoo - Girl I'm so glad everything is going well and you are able to post! It all sounds very exciting I'll be checking back often.


hi there!
So happy you are having a good time. Trekking through the Thai hills eh? You ARE kicking ass and taking names. So about Roisin...

- j


I bet you are having SUCH a good time! Enjoy every minute of it. And remember, those Brits know how to travel (and how to drink, usually!)


I'll get my pitcher ready for the mai tais when you get back!


Thanks for the pictures, they were great, I hope you get more from your friends. Now you have friends from around the world. The children were so cute. Are elephants friendly? camping with no frills, you got the real thing, I'm glad you like all that stuff, it makes you appreciate all we have doesn't it? You can't say you haven't had a break from NYC. Love you.

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